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Monday, Sept. 24

Block G:  Students who were on the hike last week will write the 1.2 quiz in class on Wed. Sept. 27.  New assignment is 1.4  #2,3 a,c,e.  Surface Area will be discussed in detail in the next two lessons, so bring your questions to class.




Monday, Sept. 17

Block A:  Assignment for 1.3:  do questions #1,2,3 and try 4

Study for quiz on 1.2 for Wednesday, Sept. 20

If you missed the quiz on 1.1, you need to report to Room 8 at lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 19

Friday, September 7, 2012

Block A:  Complete white sheet on integers

Do 1.1 assignment  #1,2,3 for next day (Tuesday, Sept. 11)

Quiz on 1.1 on Thursday, Sept. 13

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