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Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012

Students have completed Chapters 1 and 2 in Term 1.  The Ch.2 test was written last week, so this mark is included in the Term 1 report.  However, students can still upgrade their test mark by preparing for a rewrite and taking a rewrite next Wednesday, Nov. 21 (after school) or at another time discussed with Mrs. Dennison.  Students need to prepare for this rewrite by attending extra sessions with Mrs. Dennison, usually about 1 hour.  These can be done at lunch times or at the tutorial on Wednesdays from 3-4 PM.  An upgraded mark will be entered but will not show up on a report card until the Term 2 report cards are issued.

Chapter 3 includes the study or rational numbers:  decimal and fraction form.  Students were given a pre-assessment to determine what knowledge of these concepts has been retained and what we need to cover in depth.  Homework is given most days.  A quiz is given on each section of each chapter to demonstrate understanding.  There is a review section at the end of the chapter in the workbook and this needs to be done before writing the test for that chapter.  Workbooks are checked at the end of each chapter, and during class.

If you are falling behind, or need extra help, please see me right away.

Monday, Sept. 24

Block G:  Students who were on the hike last week will write the 1.2 quiz in class on Wed. Sept. 27.  New assignment is 1.4  #2,3 a,c,e.  Surface Area will be discussed in detail in the next two lessons, so bring your questions to class.



Monday, Sept. 17

Block A:  Assignment for 1.3:  do questions #1,2,3 and try 4

Study for quiz on 1.2 for Wednesday, Sept. 20

If you missed the quiz on 1.1, you need to report to Room 8 at lunch on Wednesday, Sept. 19

Friday, September 7, 2012

Block A:  Complete white sheet on integers

Do 1.1 assignment  #1,2,3 for next day (Tuesday, Sept. 11)

Quiz on 1.1 on Thursday, Sept. 13

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